So that’s how Perfect feels like

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There’s good grades and then there’s perfect grades. To get a 98%, which was what was expected of me would be good grades, but I didn’t live up to those expectations…

I kinda broke through them 🙂 I nailed it, got a perfect 100. 

I have already posted twice on Facebook about my major feat, called a lot of people, and taken calls from most relatives who were as shrilly on the phone as my mother has been for two days now. Well, in explanation, the deal is this:

Class 10th and class 12th in India is a big deal. These two classes are when our examinations matter a lot, and hence it’s all under control of the national Board, CBSE, how they are run. The results come a little later and we are already in the next class by the time they are out.

So here I am, in 11th class, in the result declaration month of May, checking the newspapers for the date they are going to announce my fate. It’s a day to go, and my mother is looking at me every other minute and asking me if I messed up somewhere and it’s going to be 96%, or was everything okay and we’re looking at 98. 

I mean, every two minutes! We were playing a gambling game that’s pretty cool and I ask her what hand she’s going to decide and she says, “Ruchi…. not 96 right?” 

Yep, like that. So you can imagine how I went to sleep that night, because we were almost certain the result would be out the next day, it was my lizard brain’s feeling. 

Look at how things turn out, I usually wake up with my cell phone screaming in my ear (Yes I take the phone to bed with me, haha) and today, the big day, the alarm didn’t go off. Why? Ask my phone, it will probably be better friends with you than it will ever be with me. Instead of that, I get woken up by a phone call. Well, so much for alarms. It was my dad, who’s far from where I am right now but closer to a computer than me. And the result was out. 

“Don’t tell me! Talk to mom.”

I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me what had happened. I had to see it for myself. I thrust the phone in mum’s hand, went to brush my teeth because good news or bad news, it isn’t worth bad breath. And I was jusssst about to finish, when my mom thumps on the bathroom door and tells me, “Ruchi it’s 10!!!!” 

Sigh. Well, at least I can rinse in peace. 

I open the door, and there she is, giggly as a school girl herself, “Sorry! I couldn’t help it! It’s a 10!”

She wasn’t sorry. Not at all.

Well, now for a little technical explanation. We don’t really get percentage results, we get grade points. It’s called CGPA. The scale is from 1 to 10 and we get even decimal CGPAs. So, for example, if a 98% was expected of me, the CGPA we were expecting was 9.8 and if I had done miserably and got 96% we were talking about 9.6. Hence, 10 means 100%

But there’s a catch. The board offers some bonuses, and if you have them, you can get up to 2 upgrades on your grade point. Since we only deal in even decimals, a person scoring 9.6 can get 10 with two upgrades. And 10 is what they will be telling everyone, 10 is what will be written on all the report cards and results. Yes, it is VERY unfair, and I absolutely loathe this system, but now the question was, did I make it 10 with upgradations? 

I ran to the nearest computer, looked up my roll number on the school’s website, went to the board’s website and punched it in. All this while I was already getting phone calls from relatives congratulating me, and I was wondering how many people my mom could have reached in that short time. Eventually I had to make my aunt hold while I saw the result myself.

And there was a problem. 

I had an A2.

You see, to have 100% you need A1 grades everywhere through your result. And I had a small A2 in one Science Assessment. But I couldn’t see the star that marks if we got any upgrade so I was confused:

A- I made it to 10 with an A2

B- There’s a glitch that I can’t see the star and I have indeed taken a stupid upgrade.

Do you see the irony? It’s all hanging on a little star whether I am gonna be a star myself today or not… I have got 100% before, but this exam was big. I had qualified for both those upgardes, they’re easy, but I’d like to go around saying “10, no upgrades” more than I’d like to say “10” and hide the fact that it’s because of a bonus. 

My friend Apoorvaa came to my rescue. I stayed in dilemma till eve because I had no way of knowing what had happened. And then I called her and she told me that A2 I got was a very small margin away from A1 so I might have pulled through with my other assessments into a clean 10. These are things you might not understand, but it got clearer by the minute thanks to Apoorvaa’s photographic memory that I had indeed… nailed it. 

So that’s how perfect feels like huh. It’s pretty cool.

And now I’m sitting back and looking at my friends, relatives and more importantly, my mom freak out with the result and shower some gifts. Yay! 🙂

I’ll write to you soon about how I’m enjoying these new luxuries, right now I am just thinking of walking on stage for my 6 years Scholar Badge in all subjects and leading my class. Also, being one step ahead of Apoorvaa who’s great friends with me, and it was always between the two of us who was gonna lead. I’m getting shy too, saying it’s going to be me. She got a 10 too, but none of us is very happy that it’s with one upgrade, or that she fell back in English which she didn’t deserve. (She’s good, the teacher has a grudge.)

Oh swell, I just remembered a funny thing. My gran, paternal, promised me a lot of cash If I got above a certain percentage. When people in the house got to know that that percentage she decided to be 90% everyone laughed and told her to count the money, because I have never gotten less than 95.

Yes, I just wrote this entire post bragging about me, me and more me. But this is all that I have done. This is my one year of work paying off and this post on the blog is all the bragging I have done, and all the bragging I plan to do. Well, except on Facebook too.