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Destiny. Fate. Luck.

“I make my own destiny.”

“Whatever you do- you can’t run from it. It’s all pre-decided.”

Heard this before? Been confused? I for one have been thoroughly rattled by this madness. Sometimes I think, What rubbish! If it all really is decided beforehand, I should just sit and watch TV because what’s supposed to happen will happen right?

And sometimes, won over by perplexing things like Deja-vu and dreams, I say, Oh gosh! It is happening. I’m a part of something very big going around here. There is a pattern… There is a ‘why’ behind everything. Surely, some things are just supposed to happen.

I usually connect EVERYTHING that hasn’t been explained in this confusing topic. And thence begins the eternal battle.

“KIDDISH! There was a time when I believed in Santa! It only takes knowledge to dispel such things.”

“Knowledge hasn’t explained hiccups, has it!”

“Are hiccups really my defence for these absurdities? Destiny? The course of our lives written already?”

“What about The Leaning Tower of Pisa then?”

Leaning Tower Of Pisa
Does thee not behold the magnificent hand of Atlas that holds the Tower in place?

“What about it?! It’s some very explained thing with the ground!”

“Why doesn’t it fall?!”

“It’s not that steep yet! No God is holding it up, geez!”

Or if the feeling of mystical fantasy is outdoing mundane logic, the argument goes-

“Whoa! Things are so beautiful!”

“I wouldn’t stop such optimistic thinking, dear mind, were you not associating it with a divine being, and mystical activities! So STOP FANTASIZING!”

“How can you be so blind! Can thou not see the web we are a part of? Today itself thou had a vision, didn’t ye? Didn’t ye see, in thy dreams, how you had lost your science book. Can’t find it now, can ye? And this moment- hadn’t ye felt it coming? Hadn’t ye seen it before, happen exactly so?”

“Dreams are just ramification of the human mind. They are no sorcery! Psychologists have proved how we tend to see dreams of things affecting us at the moment, and the exams are coming up.”

“Is that so? Then do you not dream about Leonardo di Caprio? I wonder how your mind dreamt THAT, since you have never met nor spoke to the man!”

“THAT is irrelevant to this discussion!”

“Is it now? And what about greater things like shooting stars and tooth fairies? Don’t you indulge in such ideas?”

“Man has always wanted to let his imagination run wild. That’s how mermaids and sea serpents came up. However it is no harm to indulge in a little fantasy!”

“A little fantasy! Explain ghosts then- the cold they leave behind in ships drowned by mutiny, the curses they leave behind in old houses they were murdered in!”

“It’s just the brain playing tricks on us! We want to believe there is something beyond us going on.”

“And isn’t there? What about people who have risen from the dead?”

“Taken into shock, ability to hold breath for long, fits and other explained answers.”

Edward Cullen
“Bella, you call this beautiful? I’m sick Bella, will you stop drooling please!”

“Draculas? Vampires? Edward Cullen?”

“Myth, myth, and jaundice.”

“Oh you are just evading the depth of these things! Fine. Tackle the heavy stuff now-

Explain a completely healthy person standing before you in a line for the most important interview of your life, suddenly having a wheezing fit making him leave the line and you getting the job.”

“Not keeping well lately, that man.”

“Jack Sparrow avoiding all the bullets as he dances his way out a bar in Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Man’s Chest.”

Jack Sparrow
“To imply that I am not lucky is to imply that I am not Captain. Savvy?”

“Director’s humour.”

“OHHH it’s useless! Don’t you see- Chance? LUCK? You yourself have had a HISTORY with it. Luck, luck, luck, all the time. The new teacher had to get ONE section, and he got yours. The P.E. teacher was giving everyone punishment and YOU got away. The bollot was to choose ONE person to give admission, and IT WAS YOU!”

“Luck’s okay…. A string of incidents happen prior to every case of good or bad luck that can completely justify it, we just don’t know what.”

“Yes… things happen for a certain thing. You say yourself- DESTINY!”

“Oh come on! If it’s already written that I’ll be a Professor at Harvard, just tell me and save me all the rat race! Scholarships, years at college, PhD! For what? For something already supposed to be mine?”

And the Bomb.

“Great. Explain Bermuda Triangle then.”





Wish On It

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This short intervention from the on-going fiction series, ‘Silver in the Heart’, to carry on the blogging part of this… umm, blog!

Wish upon a cotton seed!

It got very windy after school today. Fortunately for me, and not for the boy I replaced on that seat, I had the biggest window all to myself when it started raining, and all the slippery raindrops flew into my face and drenched my shirt!

I was afraid the teacher sitting near-by would scold me about the amount of water I was letting inside the bus, long after everyone else had shut their windows (why, I just can’t imagine) so I pulled it shut leaving the gap I could cover with my body, something like having my cake and eating it too. (Methinks if I speak any more about the rain, I might just forget the actual point behind this post!) So the thing is, from between the little opening, un-battered by the heavy, cannonball-ish raindrops and tornado gale, a cotton seed flew in and sat stupidly on my head.

All that cute, little seed achieve that day, was a very innovative thought sparked off in my mind.. all the things we would wish on, as kids! Without reason, without proof, without any kind of motivation, we just all did wish on anything at all that we say even the tiniest bit of mystery in!

I wished on cotton seeds…. because I never really could understand where the ‘mystical puffs’ came from and where they went.. and I am none the wiser now! Of course, I wished on the fallen tooth.. how would the tooth-fairy KNOW what I want?! (Only except that one time when I used my tooth in a  Pepsi test, to see if all those rumours that it corrodes one’s tooth were anything… Nothing, go on drinking!) And there were the usual amount of birthday cakes, Christmas prayers, Late night talks with God, and the shooting stars.

Another things I love wishing on was the eyelashes… there were always so many of them! I don’t know if this is a trend worldwide or not, but here in India it is very common… And we had our own set of rules too to go with the wishing too… You couldn’t pluck them anytime you wanted, (cheating!) they had to be wished on when they fell on their own… You couldn’t wish on someone else’s lash, it won’t work… You MUST NOT tell anyone, it won’t work (seems like more conditions than results)… You must blow it off after wishing, how else was God getting it otherwise?

I have, in the assortment of means, wished for permissions to N-number of things, a piano, a surprise visit from my uncle (!), my next tooth to fall fast so I could wish again soon, and what not.

It has been a ride! A bumper ride! And I have loved it!

Want to tell me about your eccentric wishlist…. or likewise?